clara pascal    

 Clara Pascal, Founder

Clara has built this organization by encouraging countless people to volunteer their time and money to the cause of children half a world away. She organizes volunteer trips to Ukraine, and encourages sponsors and volunteers to visit Ukraine and witness firsthand the plight of these orphaned children.

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Bill Fleming     Bill Fleming, UAC Board Member

Bill Fleming is a retired Captain in the U.S. Navy who served with the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean.  He also retired as a Senior Intelligence Officer from the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2004 where he served as Soviet Naval Analyst; and following the collapse of the Soviet Union as Program Manager for the Director of Central Intelligence's Underground Facility Analysis Center.  Bill and his wife Pam have been strong supporters of Universal Aid for Children since 2013.

Charles Kropke     Charles J. Kropke, UAC Board Member

Overseeing a family of companies in creative financing, sustainable tourism, sustainable development and radical environmental change, Charles J. Kropke, 53 is an energetic entrepreneur with a concentration of knowledge in financial markets and trends, demographics, energy technologies, history, and town planning. 

Charles is the father of 9 adopted children and resides in Miami, Florida.