Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program

UAC’s Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program is a sponsor based initiative with a family focus.

Orphanage graduates are released into a world for which they are ill-equipped to survive on their own. These young people are at-risk for prostitution, human trafficking, drug abuse and suicide. They are stigmatized and considered outcasts in the very society that abandoned them as children.

Our program supports orphanage graduates from the Odessa region as they transition from institutionalized life to a university or vocational school. Scholarship Program participants receive:

  • Guidance and moral support from UAC staff and sponsors
  • Academic and career planning
  • Medical and dental care
  • Assistance securing housing
  • Legal aid
  • School supplies
  • A monthly stipend ($50) to help with living expenses
Over 300 orphaned teens have earned college degrees and started careers and families thanks to UAC’s Scholarship Program and our caring sponsors. It is amazing what the power of love and encouragement can do for a person! 

Please consider becoming a sponsor today! Please click here to view the list of students in need of sponsors.

Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program Graduation Celebration 2017