Kseniya G.

Kseniya G.

Hello, everyone! 

My name is Ksusha. I live in Odessaand where I study at the Maritime National University. I am on the third course. I try to be optimistic in life. 

I do not have any relatives, so I was raised in an orphanage for children, like myself, who do not have relatives. It is hard, but I haven't given up, and I am committed to making my life better than it could be. 

In my childhood, when I was in the orphanage, my dream was to be adopted. People from the USA always came to our school and adopted somebody, yet it was never me. :( It is like somebody who picks up kittens in the market; they always want the cutest one and leave the rest. I always wanted somebody to knock at the door of our classroom and say, "Ksusha, go to the director's office." It usually meant that people came to adopt this child. Maybe because of this I started abusing alcohol after I finished school. It lasted for a long time... A lot was happening with me at that time until I realized that I did not want to be a "nobody" in life. I have since turned my life around and I'm going back to school. 

I still lack confidence and often I get disappointed. These are my flaws and I fear there are few positives. I will not give up, however, because of how I was raised; to overcome fear, and reach my goals...

Thank you to everybody who read this... Take care of yourselves.