Kseniya Ga.

Kseniya Ga.

I was born in June of 1992 in Irkutsk Oblast, the city of Sholokhov. I had been living with my mother in Irkutsk for the first 6 years of my life and then I moved to Ukraine to my grandmother’s. Not long after, both my grandmother and mother died and I was sent to the boarding school. There I had been studying until the 9th grade. After the 9th grade, we were sent to various specialized schools and colleges. I was sent to Tatarbunari, a specialized school to become an accountant. I had studied there from 2011 to 2014. Upon graduation, I received a specialty of an accountant and moved to Odessa, where I would work as a waitress in Odessa café for two years. After that, I entered a university but I was expelled in two years because I missed too many classes. Then I entered Odessa National Maritime University, the faculty of economics in 2016. I really love this university. I’m receiving psychological support and I feel the warmth coming from the people. This year I’m graduating from university. Currently, I’m finishing my classes of a waitress on a ship. They were paid by the organization and it was a present. The classes are really cool and I hope that they will help me to find a good place in society. I don’t have any relatives. Many people ask me if it is possible to be totally alone. Yes, it is, I am lonely. My plans are to pursue my goals to be financially stable and to go sailing. Then perhaps I will create my own family. I use the word «perhaps» because the last three years of my life made me very disappointed in men that’s why I will probably travel and enjoy life without any affection to anyone. Life will put everything in its right place. Deeply inside I’m dreaming of creating a family and of dating a good guy. My hobby is sport in the gym. I feel myself excel while training. After training, I feel wonderful. Most of my time I spend working but when I’m free I like to work out in a gym.


24 January 2018