Andrey D.

Andrey D.

Hello, my name is Andrey,

My father died when I was little my mother has had to raise my younger brother, Sasha, and I, all on his own. We live modestly. My mom works at a difficult job without days off. I feel bad for her, I hope to alleviate that workload from her someday. When I finish 9th grade, I plan on enrolling in the construction trade school. I worry, however, that as soon as I finish school, I’ll have to go to get a job so that I can afford to pursue my dreams. Living in the orphanage I’ve realized that the most important thing in life are the friends who support you through the tough times. I hope that I’ll be able to make valuable friends in the scholarship program. I try to be the most honest, good person I can be, so I hope I’ll be a good fit in the UAC program.


13 October 2017


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