Viktor H.

Viktor H.

Hello, my name is Viktor H., I was born in 2000, in the village of Odessa.

I am an orphan and have not known my parents since the day I was born.

 Since the day of my birth, I have been in the Children's Home.

When I was 7 years old, I was taken under the guardianship of a foster family, I lived there for 3 years, until my foster father started abusing alcohol, and they were deprived of the right of guardianship, I again ended up in the orphanage, later I was sent to the Kiliya special school and from it to the Lviv orphanage.

When I studied in an orphanage, I took part in artistic amateur activities. I have a natural, beautiful voice, and I sing well. I like to sing, dance, do sports, and athletics.

I studied at the Northern Center of Professional Education in the city of Savran.

On the recommendation of the social service, I moved to Odessa to a social dormitory.

Last year, after a personal conversation with the director of the dormitory, a decision was made to fulfill my dream of entering the Mykolaiv Vocational College of Culture and Art to become a teacher of musical art and musical instruments.

Now, I am in my second year. Unfortunately, the war made adjustments in my life.

I lived in Mykolaiv from the beginning of the war until May.  Since May, when it became dangerous to live, there was shelling every day. I had to leave Mykolaiv, come to Odessa in a social dormitory and continue my studies remotely.

I will be very grateful if you accept me into the UAC organization and help me graduate from an educational institution to fulfill my dream.


26 October 2022