Karina  P

Karina P


Karina Hello, my name is Karina  P., I am 19 years old.
I was born in the village of Burdovka.
In the village, I went to a kindergarten, and as well to school until grade 3. After due to my mother's illness, I and my 2 sisters were sent to another school where we stayed for 2 years. There we also got acquainted with the UAC organization in 2010.
We were given gifts, clothes, and shoes. We attended school, as well additionally attended classes in Christian ethics, and labor lessons. l learned to knit and made various knit crafts.
Our dad died very early, even before mom's illness.
After the death of my mother, our own aunt took us under her care. She is very kind, she has three children of her own, our cousins, but we never felt the difference in her attitude towards us and towards her own children. It was not easy for my aunt, but we felt her love and care for us, and soon we began to call her mom.
My aunt lived in the same village where I continued to go to school until grade 10. After grade 10 in 2018, I entered medical college on the budgetary form of education. Now I'm in my 3rd year and will graduate from college in 2022. I really like my future profession, I want to help sick children to become healthy.
I want to work in the children's department and am already doing my internship there. In addition to medicine, I love cooking, sport, and I also knit from time to time.
My older sister Dana P. is a student of the UAC organization, graduates from the University of Law, and from her, I learned about the student program.
At the moment, by age, I am no longer under the guardianship of my aunt, but I continue to call my aunt mom, and we often come with my sister to visit her.
I study well, I passed all exams on time. I promise to continue to study well and fulfill all the requirements for the students of the organization.
I would be very grateful if you would accept me into the organization and help me finish my college studies.


21 May 2021