Nataliya R. O.

Nataliya R. O.

Hi, my name is Nataliya,

I have a big family with 2 sisters and 4 brothers. Our father abandoned us and hasn’t supported us at all. We have a very good mother, however. We love her very much! We all try and help her as she’s had a difficult time. My younger sister is handicapped with a heart disease. She has already had 4 surgeries and will have another in the fall.

My goal is to find a job as I really want to be able to live independently. I am a student at the professional school #27 of faculty auto mechanics. It is my dream to one day become a driver! After finishing my current program I want to go to university to receive higher education. Through volunteering with the students in orphanage #7 I’d learned about the UAC scholarship program and how they helped students. With the help of UAC I hope to be able to accomplish my goals and to help my family. Thank you for reading my story.


15 August 2019


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