Nikita P.

Nikita P.

My name is Nikita.

I have been living with my mother since my very birth.
Unfortunately, I have never seen my biological father.
My mother used to work with the police.
When I was 7 years old, my mother went through severe health problems.
As a result, she lost her job.
Currently, I’m living with my grandfather who is a pensioner and has serious problems with his health.
When I have a possibility, I try to help him. I entered Odessa Technical College of Machine Building to become an electric welder.
On week-ends I work as a mover in a “Florai” company, which provides fixing up places.
I constantly attend English classes and Thai-boxing training.
I’m a communicative, responsive and a kind-hearted person.
I learned about your program from my best friend Sasha, who is participating in UAC and is extremely satisfied with his participation in it. I would be happy to have a sponsor. 

Sincerely yours,




Not Sponsored