Ekaterina P.

Ekaterina P.

Hello, my name is Ekaterina,

I was born on September 1st, 2000, in Odessa. I had lived with my mom since I was young. I remember, when I was younger, my biological father would get drunk and beat my mom and I. My mother held on through all of this, however, so for a long time we didn’t leave him. As time went on things became very difficult.  My mom went to work and I helped her. But the money that my mom earned wasn’t enough to survive. Almost all the money she earned went to pay our rent. It got to point that we would go to bed hungry.  One day my mom met my future stepfather and in time things got better.

Things can always be reversed, however. Things took a turn for the worse when my stepfather landed in the hospital. They had to amputate his leg, leaving him disabled. Hard times came to us again. My mom and I were working day and night in order to make it. In time things got better and my mom found a steady job. Just as life started to normalize, tragedy struck again. The worst moment of my life came when my mother and stepfather were hospitalized. My mom was struck with pneumonia and she stayed in the hospital as long as our money lasted. When the money ran out she had to leave the hospital, even though she hadn’t completed the treatment. The most painful and horrible part was when my beloved mother died in my arms. It was so hard to get through that. I was taken to a shelter where I stayed for 9 months before I was sent to the orphanage. On May 27th, my father died and at that point, I felt emotionally dead because I didn’t have anyone in my life besides them.  My only friends were our pets. I felt very alone. 

I stayed in the orphanage up through 9th grade. I got good grades so I tried to enter the medical college but I was not accepted because I didn’t pass the entrance exam. Today I am studying at a trade school to learn to be a tailor. This is a very interesting skill but it can be very challenging. It’s hard to imagine I could ever fill the hole left from the death of my parents, but I am optimistic that there are people in this world with good hearts who help orphans. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve been able to make through the UAC program and I hope to a sponsor  and  make good friends from this organization.  Thank you for reading my profile.