alla     Alla Belaya, Scholarship Program Coordinator

Alla coordinates the needs of the scholarship students with help from UAC’s support staff of psychologists, tutors, teachers, a doctor, and a lawyer. Alla works with the scholarship students to help meet their needs. She also monitors the scholarship students as they work out their hours at different orphanages. Alla was in the first class of the Scholarship Program back in 1998. Her personal experience makes her a great asset to the Scholarship Program team.


Maxim Kondritsky, Program Coordinator

Maxim assists with fulfilling the needs at various orphanages and refugee camps. For the Scholarship Program, he monitors the students as they work out their hours at different orphanages, and he ensures that they submit their work reports and letters for sponsors at the monthly Scholarship Program meetings. Like Alla, Maxim was in the first class of the Scholarship Program in 1998.


Alexey Tishchenko, Refugee Outreach Coordinator & Legal Assistant

Alexey monitors the needs of the refugees and relocated from the combat zone, and coordinates visits to the camps. He works in partnership with other NGOs and Charities to leverage UAC resources and to provide the best service to children in need.


Helen Chursova, Psychologist

Helen provides weekly therapy sessions for the refugee children, many of whom have special needs.    


Dr. Gennady Gladkiy, Emergency Doctor

Dr. Gladkiy is on call to respond to any urgent medical situations that arise. He also coordinates medical care for our Scholarship Program participants.  

Vera Holostenko    

Vera Holostenko, Teacher & Mentor

Vera provides educational activities and lots of TLC for the children at Orphanage #7 and Svitanok Shelter. She also works with many of our Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program participants (particularly those with special needs), serving as a trusted mentor and guidance counselor.