Success Stories

Tatiana Litnova

Tatiana Litnova
Tatiana L. has quite the success story. Her natural mother went out to buy potatoes and never returned. She was dropped off at an orphanageby her mother's boyfriend.

She met Dima there. They grew up int the orphanages together and were both members of our scholarship program. They eventually feel in love. Diima is a successful business man and  they have two beautiful children. Tatiana is a pharmacist  in the oldest pharmacy in Odessa.
Their story is one of love, perseverance and hard work. UAC is proud  of both Tatiana and Dima as permanent members of the UAC family. 

Alexander Malenky

Alexander (Sasha) Malenky joined the UAC Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program in 2009 after graduating from Orphanage #7 (a facility for children with physical handicaps).

As a child, Sasha defied all odds by surviving a 10,000 volt electrocution followed by two bouts of unconsciousness and a mile­long crawl to his village to seek medical help. When Sasha finally reached a hospital, his body was burned all over, with holes in his head, torso and arms. Both his feet, half of his right hand and the fingers on his left hand were all amputated. Doctors predicted that Alexander would not make it due to the severity of his injuries.

But Sasha had other plans. He fought to recover and even learned to walk on his new artificial limbs before they were fully made. Walking lead to running, and then came numerous wins at track and field competitions. Nothing stopped this boy!

Ambition, determination and willpower remained in Sasha's core well beyond his childhood near­death experience. In summer of 2012, Mr. Malenky graduated from Odessa Professional School #33. His other accomplishments include learning to type on a computer (with limited hand/finger use), learning to drive a car, and supporting his wife and young daughter.

Alexander (Sasha) Zhos

Alexander (Sasha) Zhos was a founding member of the UAC Orphaned Teen Scholarship Program. In 1997, he addressed Clara Pascal about helping orphanage graduates obtain higher education and support outside of the orphanage. In turn came the birth of the Scholarship Program! Sasha graduated from Odessa National Maritime Academy with the assistance of the Scholarship Program. He is now working as a 3rd class engineering seaman, travelling the world!

“In the year 1997, Clara Pascal came to Odessa to visit us at Orphanage #4. My life story has been connected with her ever since. Clara helped me out during the first and most important stages of my adult life. She organized the Scholarship Program and it helped me enter Odessa National Maritime Academy, where I studied for six years. When I studied at the academy, Clara not only gave me financial assistance for my studies, but she also gave me the feeling that there was a person who was concerned about me. Her visits to Odessa were real holidays for everyone. When I graduated from Maritime Academy, I set sail as an engineer of the 3rd class and went halfway around the world. My routes have included Italy, India, America, the Panama Channel, Mexico, French Polynesia, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.I am very thankful to Clara and the Scholarship Program for all that help and support which was so crucial in my life!” –A. Zhos

Alena Krutik

“My name is Alena Krutik. And I would like to tell you my story of being at UAC’s Scholarship Program. I have already been in the Program for four years, and for this time the SP has been helping me so very much!
After leaving Orphanage #5 I entered Odessa Medical School and studied there for four years. During that time UAC supported and helped me a lot!
I also had health problems and thanks to UAC I’m absolutely healthy now. They helped me in a hard period of time. And the most important thing was made for me a year ago. I lived in an old house in dreadful living conditions. SP helped me with fixing my house. I’m very thankful to them! I wouldn’t have managed with that on my own...

Now, I’m a sophomore of Odessa Agrarian University and this is thanks to the UAC organization. After finishing Medical School they helped me with preparatory courses. It helped me to enter very much. I had classes with tutors on Biology, Chemistry and Ukrainian. Thanks to that preparation I succeeded to enter!
Now, my study is paid and it was UAC organization which helped me to pay! I’m very grateful for that, because I have a possibility to get a specialty, which I want to connect all my life with! I want to be a vet. I have been dreaming about it since my childhood. UAC helps me to realize my dream.

At the present period of time I consider myself a successful student of Agrarian University and this is owing to SP Program of UAC organization.
I thank them for everything!”