Elena P.

Elena P.

My name is Elena. I was born on the 17th of May 1994 in the city of Odessa. I spent my childhood in the orphanage #1 in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi city. After that I was directed to the boarding school in the city of Pischana, there I graduated from the 9th grade. After the boarding school I entered Specialized School of Savran in order to become a painter-plasterer. I successfully finished my studies in the specialized school and currently I am working and living in the social dormitory. I'm dreaming of becoming a cook but I need to finish the cooking courses and get the specialty. These courses will help me to enter another specialized school and to improve my qualifications and become more efficient. The mentioned courses are held in the State Educational Establishment "Odessa Center of Vocational Education and Training of the State Employment Service”. I am an orphan; my parents were deprived of parental care. I love doing sports, reading books and leading healthy way of living. Currently, I'm communicating with my sister well, and as for my biological parents, I don't support any communication with them, although I know where they are. My aim is to become a cook, to be helpful and to be able to prepare tasty meals for others. I'm asking you to help me to graduate from the mentioned cooking courses in order to achieve my goal in life.

I will be immensely grateful to you for that!

Yours faithfully,