David P.

David P.


I am David P. I’m 21 years old.

I’m from Teplodar, Odessa region. I study at Petrivsky Agrarian School located in Odessa region. I’m a sophomore. I have to study two more years.

I have been doing soccer and table tennis since my childhood. I like sports a lot. I don’t have any harmful habits. I play the piano and I like reading. I also like to spend time with my friends. And I like travelling. I would love to see the whole world.

I’m an orphan and I need help. My childhood was very difficult. After a maternity home I was sent to an infant home. When I was six I moved to Kotovsky orphanage. There I met my older brother, Dima, who I didn’t know at all. But caretakers and a nurse told me about that. When I was a fourth grader my mother came. She brought us gifts, said that she would come again and left. I stood near the gates during the day to see her once more. We got in touch on the phone with her, and then we stopped and she never visited us again.

I finished school in 2012 and got a certificate for the 9th grade. Then I was sent to Teplodar Lycee. There I studied for three years in the Operator of Computer Equipment Department. I wanted to enter Odessa Teacher’s Training University, Physical Training Department very much, but my entering grades were not high enough for it and I entered Petrivsky Agrarian School instead.
I would like to save money for having my apartment fixed, which I got in a very bad condition. I live alone and do everything on my own.

Thank you very much for your support in advance!!!