My name is Klavdia.

I am from the Vipasnoye village of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky region. I was born underweight after the eighth month of my mother’s pregnancy. I stayed at the hospital for a month with my mother to gain weight. We then lived with my grandparents at their place. My parents got divorced before my birth.

Since my early childhood I worked with my mother at a field. My grandma worked too, but my grandpa was sick and had to stay in bed.

When I was eight years old, I was sent to Orphanage #7 for Handicapped. This year I graduated. It was not easy to study there for me as I didn’t find common ground with classmates and we never had support from each other. Our teachers and directors kept changing and atmosphere there was very tense.

My mother was very sick and she died in 2004. I stayed with my grandparents. my grandfather was sick and couldn’t walk, but he would drink and send me for a wine for him. He died in 2010, and I took it very heavily.

My grandmother always cared about me so much, and she always took me from the orphanage for weekends, vacations and holidays. We also took walks, and I had great time with her downtown together. She was always interested in my successes and failures. I am so grateful to her for her care and love to me!

I like computers. I’m going to be an operator of computer typing. My dream is to find a good job and to live in Odessa. I also want to travel around the world and to help people.