My name is Yevgeny.

I am a student at Berezovsky Professional Agrarian Lyceum. I am 16 years old. I was born in Odessa. Since my parents had an asocial way of life, I was taken to Orphanage #5. It became my second home and I found a lot of friends there. I don’t regret anything about it and I thank God that I had the possibility to get an education and find the right way. I’m sincerely thankful to my teachers and caretakers for that.

After finishing the 9th grade I entered the Lyceum, where I study now. I like being here very much. In my free time I play sports games and I like to box.

My friends told me about the UAC organization. They did it with such enthusiasm and admiration that I wanted to meet with the administration. We had a pleasant conversation and I was told about the details of getting into UAC’s Scholarship Program.

Now, I’m present at the first Scholarship Program meeting where I was invited to. There are a lot of guys like me here and I like being here very much. I promise to follow the rules of the Scholarship Program.

Yours sincerely,