My name is Angelina.

I am 15 years old. My family was disadvantaged. There are four children in our family. My mother is single. She said that our father had died. It was very hard for her to raise all of us, and sometimes, she lost her control. When I was two years old, our electricity was cut off because my mother didn’t pay for it, and we haven’t had it since then. There is dampness and mold in all the rooms. I was sent to the orphanage because our home was in bad condition.

I finished the 9th grade at Orphanage #5 and entered Machine-Building Trade School. Now, I live with my mother again. We live on my student stipend at the rate of 300 Hryvnia (about $14). I don’t have money for clothing. I was sick and we didn’t have money for medicine, either. My mother works as a street cleaner and her salary is very little.

My brother, Alexey, studies at Orphanage #88. My sister Luba lives separately and tries to help us somehow. My other sister Alla has a 7 month old child and sometimes she gives us a little money.

I need your help because I want to get an education very much. My sisters don’t have any education and I see it’s difficult for them now. I don’t want to follow them. If I get an education I will be able to help my family.

Thank you in advance! I would be very glad to communicate with you.

Remember me.