My name is Andrey.

I was born on May 26, 1999. I finished Orphanage #5. Since my father died when I was four and my mother died when I was six, I was sent to a children’s home and after that to Odessa Boarding School #5. I finished nine grades there and now I study at Berezovka Village Agrarian Lycee. I liked my boarding school and found a lot of friends there. When I arrived, I realized all my responsibility. I had a hard and pleasant experience there. The staff was wonderful and they treated us as their own children. I never felt alone or destitute and I’m very thankful for my school!

Now, I still feel like a little boy missing his school. At the same time, I’m an adult man, I’m 15, and I have a lot of life experiences behind me. I’m going to be a data entry computer specialist. I like it very much. I’ve learned a lot of computer programs already. I’m satisfied with my choice.

I like soccer, tennis and basketball. I also like intellectual work. I value my friends very much. They serve in place of my parents for me and they are always ready to help. I thank God for them.

I learned about the Scholarship Program from my friends. I was very glad to meet UAC’s Alla Belaya. She is a person who helps during difficult moments. Then I met and communicated with other participants and felt at home in the UAC Scholarship Program.

Thank you very much for everything you do!!!