My name is Asgar. I’m 18 years old. I was born on April 21, 1996 in Afghanistan. I finished the 9th grade at Boarding School #5 and entered Odessa Vocational School of Computer Technologies. I was born in Afghanistan, but I had to leave because of the war. My mother and sister stayed there. I had to leave because there are no schools or universities there. I dream to learn a specialty, find a good job, and have the possibility to help my family in Afghanistan.

UAC’s Alla Belaya told me about the wonderful Scholarship Program and I am now happy to be a part of it! It’s so good that there are people who help others, because I know how it is to be in a difficult situation…

I like living in Odessa very much! There are very kind and joyful people living here. UAC’s Alla really helped us with our residency documents.

I am very happy and grateful that I am now part of this big, good family!

Thank you very much!