Angela F.

Angela F.

Hello, my name is Angela,

I got acquainted with the Scholarship Program in the social dormitory. I was sent there after graduating from the specialized school in the field of service. On Independence Day, Maxim and Vera came to our dormitory. They showed us a master-class in cooking. It just so happened to be my 19th birthday. At the celebration, I was told about your aid for students.

I was born in Balta, Odessa Oblast on the 24th of August, 1999. I can’t tell you anything good about my childhood. My mother fell ill when I was 5 years old. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and porphyria. She often suffers from nervous stalls and exacerbations. Growing up she often beat me and curse me out. She also beat my granny who had been raising me since my I was very young. My father abandoned me and has never been interested in my life ever since. He refused parental rights and my mother was deprived of them. My granny tried to raise me, but she was old and wasn’t able to give me as much warmth as usually normal parents give to a child. The only place, where I could spend some good time was my school. When I came home from school, I went to bed with a constant fear of being beaten. When I graduated from school I left my home and entered the specialized school in the field of service, where after two and a half years of studies I received a profession of an assistant referent administrator.

This year I graduated from school and continued my studies at the industrial technologies college in order to study business. I find this job very useful. I will become a good businesswoman and administrator. My summer went by very quickly and unnoticeably because I had to work in order to buy myself healthy food. My granny is unable to help me because her pension is very low and it’s not enough to pay for my mother’s medications. So, I try to earn money to feed myself and to buy the clothing. I will start my studies at college on September the 1st.

When I have free time I love reading and I really want to have my own family one day. I want to find myself a partner who will defend me and whom I will be able to rely on. I want to give birth to kids whom we will raise as a fine and normal family. I believe that God is with us and he will show us the right path in life.

With the deepest respect,