Victoria De.

Victoria De.

My name is  Victoria,

I was born in Odessa on the 21st of July, 1995. My granny raised me on her own when I was about two years old because my parents were deprived of parental rights. When I turned two years old my mother was imprisoned where she had remained until she passed when I was 9 years old. I don’t remember her at all. My father, however, only died three years ago.

I have a beloved brother, named Dmitri. He is a year older than me and I follow him everywhere. Starting from kindergarten, and all the way up to university. He has always been by my side along with my granny Valentina Aleksandrovna, who is 87 years old already. I went to an ordinary kindergarten but when I was six, I was transferred to the specialized boarding school #87 for the visually impaired. I graduated from the 10th grade there and my studies were excellent. I went to various camps and sanatoriums, participated at various festivals, and I even practiced dance. At the primary school, I was doing athletics and won awards. I was even better than boys. Then I went to the school # 93, another school for the visually impaired. I liked studying there even more. There I graduated from the 12th grade. I also took part in various celebrations there and I really liked to participate in competitions. While I graduated from school a long time ago, I still like to go back and visit. Right after school, I entered the Odessa College of Computer Technologies. I’ve been studying there for 3 years now, and I received a specialty of a junior specialist technologist. After college, I entered the Odessa State Ecological University. I’m currently studying at the 4th year of studies and with the hope of graduating with a diploma this year and officially become a software engineer. Aside from my studies, I’m dance modern choreography — contemporary dance, ballet, and tap dances. Before that, I was dancing in other styles. I’m also attending drawing classes and I’m seeing lots of progress.

I have many hobbies. One of them is the modular origami. I even make pictures from it. Recently I started learning how to play the guitar and how to sew on a sewing machine. I’m an autodidact. However, my most important hobby is working with children, whom I teach how to make various handicrafts. It’s my main hobby because I really like children. I love extreme sports and high speed, riding a bike and roller-blading. I also like riding my moped. I consider myself to be a creative and versatile person. But what’s most important is that I’m very positive.

With the deepest respect,

Victoria  D.