My name is Lada. It’s an old Slavic name. I’m 18 years old. I live in Odessa. I think I am not completely psychologically formed yet,because I like contradictory things. For example, today I like a pompous rococo or a romantic style, and tomorrow I’m a rebellious teenager who is fond of spikes, leather and metal. But my base style is a sharp gothic.

My social circle is not big because I am not a sociable person. It doesn’t disturb me or my friends. I am a good listener and can even give a good advice. I like to observe people, to notice their habits, behavior and temperaments.

I was born in a creative family. My parents are artists. I’m proud of them. It’s exciting because you can find a lot of unusual and beautiful things in our house. There are pictures my parents painted on the first and the second floors.

My father could do a lot of things. He was very creative. For example, to get to the second floor, you have to go up the spiral stairs my father made. The ceiling is decorated with 1.5 meters’ wooden zeppelin. We also have a fireplace with decorated bottles above it.

 My father cultivated my taste in music. I love rock! I like modern and old bands: AC/DC, Queen, Metallica, Nirvana, Aerosmith etc. It’s a huge list.

My parents were wonderful people. They’ve always let us choose what we want. At the same time, they’ve always guarded us against wrong decisions. They taught us, raised, gave advices and made us happy. In general, what I want to say is — I had a great, full childhood. But unfortunately my father died on March, 2, 2006. Since then we live by ourselves: my mother, my sister Vicka and I. My middle sister, Lecya, and her husband live not far from us. They have wonderful daughters: Lisa (4 y.o.) and Eva (3 y.o.).

Yes, our home is not in a good condition any more, but I would never agree to sell it. I would rather make a mini museum out of it! And I dream about a small one-room apartment. It will be a cozy artist’s nest.

That’s how art became a part of my life. I drew some pictures when I was little, and my sister gave them titles. When I was growing up, every morning started with a sheet of paper and a pencil. I remember how I drew different stories and, I don’t know why, pregnant women. Little by little a plot and stories were left behind, and I gave up to then modern trend to draw girls: one girl or several in a group. And the interesting thing is, they were all different. I like to look at my childhood pictures. There are tons of them in the basement.

Once I took part in a school competition. We had to draw the best clothes’ design. And I won! The prize was a permission to study in an Art Institute in Kiev without entrance exams. But I didn’t manage to study there because of money problems. I can’t say I felt sorry about it.

I have a wonderful mother! She has let me choose where to study. I chose the Theatrical Art College. It was my dream to study there. I took a preparatory course where I gained some experience. I was taught by a brilliant and talented teacher. His name was Vladimir Moravets. Sadly, he passed away, but I consider it to be a gift of fate being his student.

I was lucky! I entered this college on August, 2014! I was super happy! I was about to study in the famous college of Odessa. And the most important thing is the department I chose — Design Artwork for Theatrical and Movie Productions. The most “mysterious” one. So, many people go by the house #15 (it’s pretty tatty) on Torgovaya street and don’t even know what is happening behind its door! Every single student creates his or her own history, makes contribution to the fashion and theatre industry. And talented teachers guide them and share their experience.

I study here for a year already and I have come to a conclusion — drawing and fantasizing about costumes I like more than sewing. My attitude towards this College didn’t change. I’m still happy to study here.

Lastly I guess I have to tell you about my dreams. I want peace and freedom. I want to live reaching my goals. For example, I’d like to have my own atelier and a tattoo salon. I want to have a family with a person I love and to travel with him all over the world. I want to have a house, a garden, an atelier and my happy mother next to me.

Yours sincerely,