Nickolay O.

Nickolay O.

Hello, my name is Nickolay,

I received my first degree at the Odessa Regional Basic Medical College to become a dental technician. I’d been studying there from 2011 to 2013. Currently, I’m studying at South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky. My hobby is wrestling. I’ve been doing sambo and judo since I was 10. Today I am a teacher of physical culture and sambo. I am also a judo coach. I need to be in this program because I want to find the right path in life; to get an education, to finish my studies and to receive fine knowledge. The UAC scholarship program can teach me to work hard and prepare me for an adulthood. I want to to be a role model for future orphaned children. I'd like to teach them martial arts, as well as provide guidance in navigating the world as well as how to be good people. The UAC scholarship program helps me to develop my skills, to study more, to improve my knowledge in the sphere of my hobbies. UAC provides medical care, financial support and guidance. Most importantly, UAC volunteers have been there for me when I had nowhere else to go and I am eternally grateful. 

Sincerely yours,



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