Irina P.

Irina P.

Hello! My name is Irina,

My childhood was spent in the orphanage # 3 and then I was sent to the orphanage # 9. There I had been studying for 4 years and after that, I was sent to the boarding school # 5, where I graduated from the 9thgrade. After that, I entered the specialized school #33, where I’ve been studying since. My parents died when I was 10 months old, so my childhood was spent in the boarding school and it was not that bad. I lived among the same kids who were in the position I was in. I found true brothers and sisters in these institutions. I was taught goodlife lessons and I learned to be kind to others and to be fair and sympathetic. I’ve known the wonderful organization “UAC” since childhood. I remember when volunteers came to our orphanage and brought games, clothes, and sweets for the kids. This moment was unforgettable. I found out that UAC cooperates with orphaned students, helping them to find the right path in life. I know that with UAC's help I can get an education and eventually find a career. My aims are to graduate from the specialized school with success and to enter the technical college where I'd want to continue my education with the support of the UAC volunteers and fellow students. I am eternally grateful for the support of UAC and joy and support it provides to myself and to my peers.

With utmost respect,